I completed my third Alfresco University Class, Activity System Administration.  According to the  ‘Alfresco Activity Certified Administrator’ (AACA) blueprint , I should be good to take my first test.

Here is the certification I should be going for now, after the 3 classes that i’ve completed:

The class provided a VM with everything needed to learn activiti, as well as power point slides, lab instructions, video walk throughs.

The content of the class (that i remember) was:

  • install activiti
  • back up activiti
  • restore activiti
  • deployed activiti apps
  • configure activiti
  • integrate activiti with LDAP
  • monitors activiti
  • and a lot of other Sys Admin type stuff.

The labs in this course seemed more time consuming the then Activiti 101 class.   This class seems pretty good for any admins new to Activiti.