I installed a CB Radio using the kit from Right Channel Radio.

The spare tire installation (Tera flex) with 4 foot fire stick 2 antenna. Instructions were pretty easy to follow. I ran the cord under the carpet under the rear seats to the center console and then under the dash. The inside cabling is 100% hidden.

The grey cable on the swing door is only visible cable inside the Jeep. The little box for the radio is mounted behind the center console on the driver side. Completely invisible 🙂

Here is the transceiver for the radio. The cable is tucketed under the transfer case and is sitting in the center arm rest when not in use. I will probably get a mount for the transceiver for the trail.

Some people report the radio is not load enough.. I plan to get a male to male mini microphone cable to plug the CB into the radio AUX port if that’s the case.

I tested with SWR, 1.5.

Make sure you follow right channels instructions to make sure it’s installed correctly.