We are planning to hit the local wheeling spot before the Jeep Jamboree as a warm up. Been 20 yrs for me since my last Wrangler.

The dates are below for the Rookie 101/201 classes offered at Rausch Creek.  It should be prior to our Jeep Jamboree is July 27th.  Also can’t do April 8th.   http://rc4x4.org

My hope is 65+ degree weather, top partially or fully down nice and sunny but not crazy hot. Also first run and n new Jeep.

Exact dates TBD.  Early March looks possible but may not fit with my day job.  Rausch Creek is like 3 hour drive each way so probably over night trip, doubling up both 101 and 201 same weekend would probably be best.

Off Road consulting is company doing the classes.