I completed my second Alfresco University Class, Activiti 101  I decided a quick win of Alfresco Activity Certified Administrator AACA certification would be a good route to go with only 3 classes.

Another class down, 10 to go!

For anyone else planning to take the class here is a list of some of the things I learned. The class itself is a slide deck (that is moderated) and a set of labs. I think its a 4-8 hour class depending on how fast you go.

  • Vocabulary & Definition of BPMN Process Model Standard, and History
  • BPMN Basic Diagraming Objects – Level 1 (Start/End Events, Sequence Flows, Tasks, Gateways, Subprocesses……)
  • BPMN Level 2 Diagraming Objects such as Boundary Events, Intermediate Events, Iterations …..
  • Activiti Kick Start Step Editor
  • Activiti Kick Start BPMN Editor
  • Activiti Form Editor