I completed my first Alfresco University Class.  I decided to start with the basics.

Alfresco 101

The format was power point slides with a good voice over.  They provided an Ubuntu virtual server with alfresco and everything on it which was nice.  The slides in each section ended with labs to be performed.

There were two things annoying but very minor. 1. The presentations could not be played from ipad.  I was thinking of listening to them on my way to work since they just auto play but this is not an option without a surface or full computer.  2. The presentations would not play on Mac Book Safari (confusing it as mobile), however firefox and chrome did work from Mac.

Quick list of things I remember ( from labs ) if anyone is interested in the class.

  • Installing alfresco 5 on ubuntu from scratch
  • Basic configuration/setup of repository
  • User/group/site/acl/security configuration
  • Document Management/Sites Creation/Management ( import, create, etc )
  • Stop/Start Alfresco Server
  • Admin Console
  • Content Rules
  • Alfresco Module Package (AMP) Deployment
  • Object Model Deployment

You use the same VM through the entire class, so I recommend anyone taking this class to immediately open up the lab book and run through the first page or so of instructions prior to the slides to 1) get the vm started with the correct keyboard/internationalization settings and 2) subversion sync.  [it takes like 10 minutes to download all the lab materials].  While its synching you can start the slides and go through the presentations.  They way it will sync while your watching slides and be ready for you when you want to do your lab.